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J Bailey Morgan is the founder of the following historical archives:

Emmaus Filmways, Ltd.

An omnimedia company that covers film, television, music, video, theatre, dance, sports and special off-beat events.

The New Millennium Oral History Archives

Endeavors to serve as a corrective and as a reference for truth and knowledge - consequently rooting out misinformation and hearsay about events, historical or otherwise, and informing people through the testimony of living witnesses. Visit YouTube Channel.

Next Generation Meets the Jazz Masters

Endeavors to highlight the public awareness of living jazz legends in our midst while simultaneously giving exposure to young jazz Turks.

The Online Museum of Catholic Faith, Culture, and Art

The chief aim of the museum is to celebrate the majestic, long arc of this global church. Crucially, we endeavor to educate, inform, inspire and to foster appreciation among the billion-plus adherents who make-up the universal church (and all outside of it) of the spiritual heritage and salvific mission of this one, true, enfabled church.

The Museum of Business, Commerce and Wealth

The idea of a museum specifically dedicated to the study, understanding and dissemination of the knowledge, creation and influence of business, commerce and wealth is long overdue, and now, happily and significantly, here.

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