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Political Action Committees (PACs)

J Bailey Morgan is the founder of the following Political Action Committees dealing with National and Urban Issues, the Environment, the Arts and Faith Matters:

To foster a mutually beneficial relationship between United States citizens and the people of the African continent.

To petition our representatives to make healthcare affordable for all Americans.

To keep apprise of issues that effect urban communities.

To promote arts education in public schools and encourage public and private funding for arts in the community.

To educate everyone how to chose healthier and greener options in your home and to petition the city, state and federal governments to reduce harmful emissions that damage the environment.

To understand the impact of relationships of countries within the Americas and Carribean with the United States and with each other.

To highlight the current conditions of these minorities populations in the United States.

To build a stronger labor force through showing all workers the common goals we want to accomplish for individual families and communities, and not to lose what we have achieved so far.

To reduce or eliminate lengthy mandatory sentencing, improve conditions in the prison system which will reduce recidivism.

To reduce the number of shelterless people in the United States and increase the amount of affordable housing available for all.

To create peaceful solutions in our difficult time, and reduce the amount of guns in the hands of people who should not have them.

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