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J Bailey Morgan lives in New York City and is the founder of many advertising/promotional businesess, historical archives and PACs. Please use the links below to browse the web sites of his various enterprises.

Current Activity

Producer, Booking Agent & Director of Marketing, "A Whistle in Mississippi: The Lynching of Emmett Till" Play

Booking Agent & Director of Marketing, "The Meeting" Play

Booking Agent. & Director of Marketing, "Rage, Resistance & Revelry" Play

Booking Agent & Director of Marketing, "Camp Logan" Play

Global Ambassador & Director of Marketing for the Steel Standing Memorial Foundation

The mission of the STEEL STANDING MEMORIAL FOUNDATION is to memorialize the events of that tragic day and those who sacrificed their lives on September 11, 2001 via the selected, branded STEEL STANDING merchandise. The merchandise incorporates the inspirational and emotionally healing, photographic image, symbolic logo and brand name.

A portion of the proceeds from the worldwide sales of the STEEL STANDING branded merchandise will be donated to two main charitable organizations:

  • The National September 11 Memorial & Museum
  • The Wounded Warrior Project
Steel Standing Memorial Poster

Click Here for More Information or to Order Your Poster

Poster print of the original, commemorative photograph captured by photographer and fashion designer, Anthony Whitaker



Four decades in media, arts, entertainment, advertising, and marketing fields:

  • Script- and screenwriter
  • Comedy writer
  • Stand-up comedian
  • Talk-show host, radio, and cable vision
  • Humor columnist
  • Theatre, dance, and book reviewer
  • Producer/Fund-raiser
  • Chairman/Founder, Road to Emmaus Filmways Ltd., Global Advertising Services, Ltd., Global Executive Couriers, Ltd., and New Millennium Oral History Archives, Inc.
  • Owner, The Central Park Hostel (’90-’95)


Newly Appointed Chairman, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan Foundation


Associate Producer, Black Wealth-Building Conference, Saint Francis College, Brooklyn, NY, Saturday, June 4, 2016


Associate Producer, Black Wall Street Festival Fund Raiser and Cool Party, Martin Luther King labor Center, New York, NY, Friday, July 22, 2016


Associate Producer, A Lovely Malfunction, New York (September-October)


Associate Producer, The Fall of the Kings, New York (September-November)


Global Marketing Director, Steel Standing Memorial Foundation, New York


Associate Producer, Reel Soul Fest, New York (June-September)


Associate Producer, Bridges III, New York (June)


Co-Producer, Bridges II, New York (May)


Associate Producer, Bridges I, New York (April)


Associate Producer, Lion Mountain (Sierra Leone Onstage), New York


Chairman and Founder of 12 (PACs) Political Action Committees:

  • Affordable Health Care for America PAC
  • American Alliance for PAC
  • Americans for Affordable Housing and Assisting the Shelterless
  • Americans for Prison Reform
  • Christianity in Action PAC
  • Concerned Voters for the Arts PAC
  • Improving Life in the Americas and Caribbean PAC
  • Peaceful Americans Against War, Violence, and Gun Proliferation
  • Progress for Native American Indians, Blacks, and Hispanics PAC
  • Restore American Labor Force
  • Towards a Greener America
  • Urban Works USA PAC


Founder, Haitian Oral History Archive


Assistant producer of “Subway Stories”


Co-producer of “African Dilemma”


Co-publisher of Eastern African Magazine, London


Worked with Norwegian Documentary Television concerning the effects after September 11th
Founder and Chairman, Global Executive Couriers


Launched www.emmausfilmways.com


Founder and chairman, Global Media/Black Media
Founder and chairman, Global Advertising Services


Founder and chairman, Road to Emmaus Filmways Ltd


Frequent co-host and co-interviewer with Barry Faber, WMCA (talk station; '79-'82)
Master of ceremonies, "Monday Night at the Blue Note: New Jazz Band Showcase"
Reviewer, "The Reviewing Stand", WKCR-FM (’81)
Frequent talk-show host, WLEK (Hunter College station; ’81)
Frequent talk-show host, WFIT (FIT station; ’81)


Producer, researcher, and host "Conversation with J. Bailey Morgan", CTV


Humor columnist, LaffMaker News
Interviewer, Laff Maker News



Stand-up comedian, a multiplicity of comedy showcases Catch a Rising Star,
Improvisation, Ye Olde Triple Inn, and Pips among others



Education--Undergrad, Columbia College/Columbia University

J Bailey Morgan is also listed as the Associate Publisher-North America for The Eastern African magazine. Below are the current issues:

December, 2014
August, 2014


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